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Hospitals & Healthcare Solutions
The Legionella-X products are an excellent solution for hospitals, clinics and healthcare environment. They are high level disinfectant most suitable to combat bacteria and virus in these factilies, especially the MRSA(methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). Bacteria reducing cleaning agents alone are not potent enough to combat the high level of bacterial activity. Using the wrong disinfectant wastes your time and money, and it does not remove the germs.
Recommended Solutions:
Legionella-X Air Freshener
   > For disinfecting the environment and air conditioners.

Legionella-X Viral-Off
   > For hand hygiene, Viral-Off can be placed at convient locations for healthcare staff and visitors to disinfect their hands.

Legionella-X Viral-Rub
   > For healthcare staff if they prefer to use the disinfectant in gel form.

Legionella-X Viral-Free
   > To disinfect all hard surfaces, door knobs, lobby areas and lifts.

Legionella-X Viral-Scrub
   > Excellent pine disinfectant and floor cleaner to eliminate surface bacteria.

Legionella-X 100 Air Sterilizer
   > An effective way to sterilizer the rooms and washrooms with the wall mountable Air Sterilizer.
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Legionella-X is a division of Magna International Pte Ltd.