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Prevent Melioidosis and Athlete’s Foot
The action of bacteria on perspiration in shoes and boots causes strong odours.  These bacteria multiply fast, often leading to conditions such as smelly feet, Athlete’s Foot and nail infections.  Especially on the field and in muddy areas, we are exposed to bacteria in the soil that can lead to the deadly melioidosis or soil disease.
Protect your feet.  To combat melioidosis, Athlete’s Foot, and other foot fungal growth, use Legionella-X Odour-Off.  It contains a powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal agent that kills bacteria and fungi upon contact and continues to do so for many hours thereafter, effectively removing the cause of odours.  Feet and shoes remain dry and fresh, with a pleasant lingering fragrance.
Applying Odour-Off

Use Odour-Off on feet and all types of footwear such as army boots, leather shoes, synthetic shoes, sports trainers, rubber shoes, canvas shoes and sandals.  It is also suitable for removing odours from musty shoe cabinets, supply stores, drawers and wardrobes.
Prevent Melioidosis and Athlete’s Foot
Protect yourself from dengue fever
An excellent natural alternative to DEET, Viral-Spray helps to repel mosquitos and other insects and it can be safely applied to children.
Viral-Spray is an anti-bacterial, non staining and non-greasy insect repellant made from natural components to combat irritating and dangerous Aedes mosquitos. It contains citronella, a potent repellant for all types of insects, as its main active ingredient. Composition includes essential oils to condition the skin and prevent irriation.

Applying Viral-Spray

Spray Viral-Spray evenly onto legs and arms.
Avoid eyes, nose and mouth.
Reapply when necessary.
Protect yourself from dengue fever
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Legionella-X is a division of Magna International Pte Ltd.